Our post today special for you who like all about Scandinavian design. Scandinavian design identic with white, bright and clean design. Here are some ideas of Scandinavian design. Lets start from a Scandinavian dining room. There some inspiration in the following image, one of which is a lovely Scandinavian dining with plenty of natural light. The floor-to-ceiling is white, make the room look brighter and give a sense of more space, make the room look larger than its actual size. This dining area has simple furnishing, includes a natural wood dining table, a blue, yellow, peach, and black dining chairs. Two white pendant lights hang over the table, serve as dining room’s lighting and also enhance the scandinavian appeal of dining design. Behind the blue and yellow dining chairs there is a long wooden cabinet, provide plenty of storage space. On the top, there are some works of art which give artsy touch to the room design.

Another room is Scandinavian living room. This room dominated in white, perfect choice for small space. All surfaces in this room is white. The room features white sofas, white coffee table, white pendant lamp and white cupboard with glass door. Some framed photography hang on the wall, elevate the appeal of white wall. The rattan basket provide ample of storage space for blanket and other things, help the room keep in neat and tidy. The next living room is also painted in white, beautify with framed artworks. This lovely Scandinavian living room features a soft gray sofa with colorful throw pillows, a sleek coffee table on white rug, and two leather armless chairs in black. A creative bookshelves stand on the right side of sofa. Some potted green plants bring nature feel to the room.