Designing a small apartment is more challenging than designing a spacious apartment. For small apartment we must more careful in use the space, to ensure the home feel comfort and homey. Here are some ideas of small apartment design. One of which is bright modern apartment. This apartment has white floor, wall, and ceiling. White color is smart choice for a small space cause the type of white is create a sense of more space, so the room look larger than its actual size. This apartment has plenty of natural light at day, comes from the large and clean floor-to-ceiling glass windows. White sheer curtain to regulate the sunlight and to provide privacy for the inhabitant when needed. This small modern apartment features white sofas with cow throw pillows, a glass low coffee table, long cabinet and wall-mounted tv. The abstract painting coloring the room and elevate the appeal of white wall.

Another small apartment displays a lovely bedroom. This bedroom with wooden floor, has large glass windows with sheer curtains and heavy curtains in brown. On the room’s corner there is a stylish sitting space with a red sofa and a white standing lamp. This sitting corner perfect for read before sleep. Next to the trendy sofa is a king sized bed with under bed storage. In the same room, there is a comfy dining areas with black diing table, black dining chairs and a black pendant light. The next studio apartment displays smart use of space. This modern apartment has ample of light. An exposed stone wall give rustic touch to the home design. This small apartment includes a living area, kitchen, bedroom abd bathroom. A white cabinet with glass doors separate the living room and the bedroom. A red sofa with various pattern throw pillows ofer cozy seat for relaxk while enjoying the tv show.