Bellow is the Condo Louis-Hebert. It is a private home located in Montreal, Canada. This house was designed by Boom Town. The house is awesome both interior and exterior. The front facade of house completed with lovely deck, direct to elevated main entrance through wooden stairwel. The glass doors welcoming the guest and give modern touch to this gorgeous house. Stepping inside, beautiful interior greeting everyone who comes to visit, invites to look closer and spend more times enjoying every details in the house. The living room has cheerful decorartion with splash of orange. This area is bright, flooded by natural light. The living room supplemented by stylish seats with orange sofa pillows. Next to the living space is dining area on one side and kitchen on another side. The kitchen is modern, displays cool backsplash which elevate the appeal of kitchen design. Whule the dining area furnished with a hardwood dining table and upholstered dining chairs. This space offer cozy place for gathering with or without food.

Another living room is more formal, features a white couch with colorful throw pillows and a glass coffee table on cool rug. A stylish shelves sits on the side of sofa. The bedroom is the most comfort room in this house. As private space, this room fulfill all the need of the owner in order to get truly comfort place. This room with wooden floor which make the atmosphere of room warmer. A gray painted latform bed with white bedspread complement this room, while the cool backdrop elevate the appeal of bedroom decor. This bedrom completed with a modern bathroom. This black tiled floor bathroom features minimalist design with plenty of light. A white soaking tub, a wall-mounted toilet and a floating vanity unit complement this bathroom.