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Cool Beds Ideas For Kid’s Bedroom

Decorating kid’s bedroom is more challening. The designer usually make it match with the character of the owner, the hobbies and the passion. Here are some inspiration of kid’s room decor in various themes and style. One of which is car themes bedroom. This bedroom features a car-like bed in blue with red white bedspread. The bedroom is also supplemented by wall-mounted shelves to displays toys. As room’s lighting is a modern table lamp with white lampshade and red leg, put on the top of natural wood side table with drawers. The next kid’s bedroom is for girls in purple color scheme. This bedroom features custom furnishing includes an elevated single bed with ladder, drawers and cupbord below. The study space features a sectional desk, purple desk chair, purple drawers and open bookshelves.

Another bedroom is for share. This bedroom designed for boys teenage, in neutral decor, The bedroom features elevated study space, while the sleep area supplemented by folding bed, put on the space below the workspace when not in used. The first study space supplemented by cream desk, cream desk chair with wheels, and yellow bookshelves. While the other one furnished with yellow cabinet, sleek desk, open bookshelves abd modern desk chair with wheels. A yellow corner wardrobe complement the room, provide plenty of space to store the private things. The next shared bedroom has playful decor. The room with wooden floor and white painted wall, supplemented by natural wood bunkbed with slide. For more ideas of cool beds, please check on our following post.

Modern Brick House Features Rustic Feel In Modern Design

In the following post is the House of Bricks. It is a private home located in Melbourne, Australia, and was designed by Jolson. As its name, the exposed brick found in every space of house, start from the facade of house. This brick house has sunny terrace, perfect for sunbathing, features two blue chaises with wheels. The interior of house is bright, thanks to the massive glazed walls which bring plenty of natural light inside, floods the space. Gorgeous living room will welcoming everyone to sit some more time. This space features pink couch, white sofas, two cool armchairs in white and a round coffee table. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves stands behind the pink sfa, completed with a ladder. The fireplace to ensure the inhabitant feel warm and comfort in the coolest season while give traditional touch to this modern living room. The exposed brick walls bring rustic feel to the space.

Another living area in this modern brick house features a yellow sofa which bring cheerfulness to the room, paired with a trendy end table on a round rug. The exposed brick walls give textures to the room design, create rough finishes. The kitchen is simple, completed with breakfast bar for four. The kitchen counter has awesome brick backdrop. Wooden cabinetry provide ample of storage space. The meals area supplemented by black white chairs. On the room corner there is a stylish egg chair as extra seat in this space. The colorful wall-art elevate the appeal of brick wall. A black staircase with metal handrail leads to the private areas upstair.

Gorgeous Private Home With Beautiful Interior

Bellow is the Condo Louis-Hebert. It is a private home located in Montreal, Canada. This house was designed by Boom Town. The house is awesome both interior and exterior. The front facade of house completed with lovely deck, direct to elevated main entrance through wooden stairwel. The glass doors welcoming the guest and give modern touch to this gorgeous house. Stepping inside, beautiful interior greeting everyone who comes to visit, invites to look closer and spend more times enjoying every details in the house. The living room has cheerful decorartion with splash of orange. This area is bright, flooded by natural light. The living room supplemented by stylish seats with orange sofa pillows. Next to the living space is dining area on one side and kitchen on another side. The kitchen is modern, displays cool backsplash which elevate the appeal of kitchen design. Whule the dining area furnished with a hardwood dining table and upholstered dining chairs. This space offer cozy place for gathering with or without food.

Another living room is more formal, features a white couch with colorful throw pillows and a glass coffee table on cool rug. A stylish shelves sits on the side of sofa. The bedroom is the most comfort room in this house. As private space, this room fulfill all the need of the owner in order to get truly comfort place. This room with wooden floor which make the atmosphere of room warmer. A gray painted latform bed with white bedspread complement this room, while the cool backdrop elevate the appeal of bedroom decor. This bedrom completed with a modern bathroom. This black tiled floor bathroom features minimalist design with plenty of light. A white soaking tub, a wall-mounted toilet and a floating vanity unit complement this bathroom.

Modern Home With Day And Night Areas

The images below are is the House Built Into the City. It is a residential project pf Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. This project was completed in 2014. The House Built Into the City is located in the city centre of Valencia, Spain on the first floor of a five-storey building. This project is remodels two apartments that have been joined together, radically altering the former layout. According to the developer, the proposal clearly differentiates day and night areas. Both of them articulated around a spacious corridor which allows a clear flow from one room to another, and provides the whole space with an overall homogeneous concept. The living room and dining room have been enhanced to maximum effect through large windows, opening onto a large terrace with plants facing the inner courtyard of the block. The kitchen is visually connected to the dining room by means of almost unnoticeable sliding glass doors. The bedrooms and bathrooms are located against the fa├žade of building and party walls. The main bedroom gives onto one end of the terrace, the part where the small pond is located, in turn allowing views and natural daylight into the inner bathroom.

The living room is minimalist with darkwood floor. This simple room furnished with L-shaped sofa, a black end table, a dark brown armchair and a round side table. The simplicity and minimalism concept continue to another room, one of which is the kitchen area. The kitchen is located on the next room of living area. The kitchen is spacious enough, supplemented by white cabinetry and white backsplash. A long kitchen counter provide comfy meals area for four. The minimalist master bedroom features a soft gray bed in king size. A creative bookshelves stands on the bedside area. This bedroom completed with private bathroom. The bathroom is modern, dominated by white color. A white painted soaking tub, floating vanity with double sinks and stylist taps enhance the modern appeal of this bathroom.

Modern Residence Features Moody Interior Design

The following images is the 150 Hudson Residence. It is a single family contemporary home, a residential project of Lucid Studio. This prohect was completed in 2014. The 150 Hudson Residence is located in Denver, Colorado, USA. The goal of this residential project is creating a space that was moody and modern. The project would be an experiment in using a nearly-monochromatic color palette, with a mix of sheens, patterns, and textures that would evolve into a neutral backdrop. It allowing the owner of house to add life and color to the space adapt to their belongings and character. At initial glance, the nearly-monochromatic palette is apparent and creates a space for eyes to slowly wander and notice varying shades of color and texture. The goal was to avoid stark contrasts and high saturations with the exception of the accent that is consistent throughout matte black. The result is a space that is filled with many different shades and textures that were each carefully chosen to speak to each other, and all be of complement, without any single item taking center stage.

The view of house from the street is large two-story commercial glass that is framed by aged copper panels that have started to show subtle shades of greens and blues. Through the glass visible three 6-foot tall Pablo Design pendants suspended between the first and second floor. Upon entering the home, a large tile installation in the foyer features oversized. The custom folded metal stairs are on display in the center of the home, with a metal mesh guard rail spiraling through the stairwell from the basement up to the third floor. Engineered wood floors in white oak are stained in a light grey matte finish with a slight shimmer that is revealed subtly under the lights. Charcoal stained birch doors are accented with black hardware. Matte black plumbing and electrical fixtures are on display as a departure from the typical silver finishes.

Ideas of Small Apartment Design

Designing a small apartment is more challenging than designing a spacious apartment. For small apartment we must more careful in use the space, to ensure the home feel comfort and homey. Here are some ideas of small apartment design. One of which is bright modern apartment. This apartment has white floor, wall, and ceiling. White color is smart choice for a small space cause the type of white is create a sense of more space, so the room look larger than its actual size. This apartment has plenty of natural light at day, comes from the large and clean floor-to-ceiling glass windows. White sheer curtain to regulate the sunlight and to provide privacy for the inhabitant when needed. This small modern apartment features white sofas with cow throw pillows, a glass low coffee table, long cabinet and wall-mounted tv. The abstract painting coloring the room and elevate the appeal of white wall.

Another small apartment displays a lovely bedroom. This bedroom with wooden floor, has large glass windows with sheer curtains and heavy curtains in brown. On the room’s corner there is a stylish sitting space with a red sofa and a white standing lamp. This sitting corner perfect for read before sleep. Next to the trendy sofa is a king sized bed with under bed storage. In the same room, there is a comfy dining areas with black diing table, black dining chairs and a black pendant light. The next studio apartment displays smart use of space. This modern apartment has ample of light. An exposed stone wall give rustic touch to the home design. This small apartment includes a living area, kitchen, bedroom abd bathroom. A white cabinet with glass doors separate the living room and the bedroom. A red sofa with various pattern throw pillows ofer cozy seat for relaxk while enjoying the tv show.


Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Modern kitchen has various style and design. The modern kitchen not only functional and practical, but stylish and catchy, in order to fulfill the modern kitchen as social area. Here are some ideas of modern kitchen design. One of which is an incredible kitchen with stylish breakfast bar. This kitchen completed with dining area for eight. Large glass windows nearby the dining space bring plenty of natural light inside flood the space. The kitchen area features patterned wooden cabinet with gloss gray backsplash and white countertop. The modern kitchen island is also serve as breakfast bar, completed with affordable modern bar stools in yellow. This sleek island supplemented by an integrated exhaust hook and some drawers. The elegant wallpaper complement the appeal of kitchen decor, while the gorgeous white pendant lamp over the wooden dining table elevate the appeal of dining room design.

The next image show an ultra-modern kitchen for luxury urban apartment. This kitchen features curve kitchen cabinet in black with rounded double sink and contemporary faucet. The cooking area equipped with electric stove and integrated exhaust hook. This luxury kitchen has elegant breakfast bar, features a curve bar bench, two modern bar stools in red and white pendant light. This breakfast bar provide cozy space for quick bite, fast breakfast, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, and snacking. This kitchen bar is also perfect place for read, even for do the works and for studying. Another modern kitchen is in black and white color scheme. This kitchen is spacious, supplemented by black and white setional sofa with whit countertop. Next to the kitchen is dining area for six. This comfy dining space with city view, framed by a floor-to-ceiling glass window. A trendy pendant light hang over the black table, serve as dining’s lighting.

Inspiring Scandinavian Room Design

Our post today special for you who like all about Scandinavian design. Scandinavian design identic with white, bright and clean design. Here are some ideas of Scandinavian design. Lets start from a Scandinavian dining room. There some inspiration in the following image, one of which is a lovely Scandinavian dining with plenty of natural light. The floor-to-ceiling is white, make the room look brighter and give a sense of more space, make the room look larger than its actual size. This dining area has simple furnishing, includes a natural wood dining table, a blue, yellow, peach, and black dining chairs. Two white pendant lights hang over the table, serve as dining room’s lighting and also enhance the scandinavian appeal of dining design. Behind the blue and yellow dining chairs there is a long wooden cabinet, provide plenty of storage space. On the top, there are some works of art which give artsy touch to the room design.

Another room is Scandinavian living room. This room dominated in white, perfect choice for small space. All surfaces in this room is white. The room features white sofas, white coffee table, white pendant lamp and white cupboard with glass door. Some framed photography hang on the wall, elevate the appeal of white wall. The rattan basket provide ample of storage space for blanket and other things, help the room keep in neat and tidy. The next living room is also painted in white, beautify with framed artworks. This lovely Scandinavian living room features a soft gray sofa with colorful throw pillows, a sleek coffee table on white rug, and two leather armless chairs in black. A creative bookshelves stand on the right side of sofa. Some potted green plants bring nature feel to the room.